What you shouldn't do when writing a research paper

When you look for help with writing a research paper, there are lots of hints and tips to tell you what you should do but it is hard to find hints and tips that tell you what you shouldn’t do, which is just as if not more important. There are some issues that you need to tackle and make sure are in place before you start writing. If you follow the following tips you should find that you save yourself time and frustration.


Do not start to write a research paper that you are not happy with or comfortable with. If you start off by not really liking your topic then it is going to be a very short relationship. If this is the case, then even if you get past first base you will find that every word will be a struggle to write.

Be Passionate

Find a topic that you feel passionate about. Find a topic that you are familiar with and can write about with confidence. You will of course have to do some research but with having some familiarity with the topic it will ,mean that you can write with conviction.


Do not think that you can write your paper without looking at examples of what other students have produced. If you do this it would be like trying to write a novel having only ever read factual material. In order to write well, you have to experience good writing.

Ask For Advice

Ask your tutor, library and search online for appropriate examples. Ideally you need to see annotated examples of work that is regarded as good, poor and exceptional. Check out for online tutorial that will also give you some worked examples.

  • Help or rather refuse help.

    We all need a bit of help when writing. Our ideas can get a bit muddled and by verbalizing them we can clarify a clear pathway and a logical progression of ideas. Your tutor should be the first person that you look to for help.

  • Get an Advice.

    Help does not necessarily getting someone to write your work for you, but it can mean talking through your ideas with your tutor or a friend. If you have difficulty in organizing your work get some help from a Learning Support Tutor at your school.

  • Following the Format.

    Do not think that you have a fair idea of the format that you need to follow for your work. Written work at this level is expected to follow a particular format, if you don’t you will lose valuable marks that you could have achieved quite easily.

Ideas From Students

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More Instructions To Help You Out

Make sure that you have access to the instructions you have been given and refer to them frequently. It is surprising how you can think that you remember all of the instructions but in reality you can get so involved with your writing that you forget the directives.

Proofreading and Editing. In your rush to complete you may find that you have either run out of time to spend on proofreading and editing your work. This is a very important step and should not be forgotten. It is surprising how many errors that the spell and grammar check will not pick up.

You probably had factored in a time for proofreading when you did your initial planning. One of the best ways to counteract this is to engage someone to proofread for you or do my online class for me. Ideally when you start your project you need to specify a time for them to do this and you work to that deadline. If it happens that deadline is coming over, the best option would be just buy papers online.