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A List Of Top 29 Fun Research Paper Topics To Consider

Are you trying to choose a topic for your research paper? Maybe you’re having trouble in deciding which one to pick. Well, you should always try to pick something that you know a little about and which you are also interested in. The more passionate you are about your topic, the better your paper will be.

If you are struggling to know even where to begin, here is a list of 29 fun research paper topics for you to consider:

  • Are dogs better as pets than cats?
  • Could time travel be possible?
  • Are multi-universes real and could we ever travel to them?
  • How the internet and digital downloads have changed the music industry.
  • How the internet and self-publishing is changing the face of book publishing.
  • The future of robotics.
  • Feminism and Sex and the City.
  • How does Search Engine Optimization work and does it work as well as we think?
  • Should wearing school uniforms be abolished?
  • The psychological effects of becoming famous as a child.
  • Should there be more censorship on the internet?
  • Should marijuana be legalized?
  • Is dope good or not? The health benefits of marijuana.
  • Riddles of building the Sphinx and Giza pyramids.
  • Are human beings still in the process of evolving?
  • Who made the Nazca Lines in Peru and why?
  • Who gets to define terrorism?
  • Are electric automobiles the future?
  • Should the U.S have a shorter working week?
  • Why is Monty Python’s Flying Circus funny?
  • How are William Shakespeare’s comedies funny?
  • Does weather modification work?
  • How Hollywood changed the world.
  • The future of commercial aviation.
  • How Black Holes are formed.
  • What caused the extinction of the dinosaurs?
  • How does memory work?
  • The impact of comic-books on modern culture.
  • The origins of rap.

Those are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling. If you need more ideas, have a look for more lists on the internet. You could also peruse past student essays in your campus library.

It’s best to come up with a fresh idea for your topic, but this is a research paper you’re writing, so you also need to make sure that there is plenty of research evidence that you can use in your essay. If you select a more popular topic, try to come at it from an original angle.

If you’ve looked through lists and essay examples, and you’ve racked your brain to come up with a topic but you still can’t decide, then talk it through with someone. The best person to do this with is your teacher.

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