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A List Of Interesting Psychology Topics For A College Research Paper

Frankly all topics in any area of psychology would be interesting to read, however if you are looking for awesome topics, then read till you get to the last full stop.

Finding a great or awesome topic is a lot harder than doing research and actually writing. However with the list of topics below, a little research, you'll get through your homework in no time and have your papers submitted.

  • Why do we dream? Dreams even though widely experienced by everyone, it still remains a mystical occurrence. It’s been argued by some that memories trigger dreams, however in most cases, dreams go beyond just memories and most cases it feels as real as actually physically being in the dream.
  • What are the stages of sleep? While asleep, the brain still functions. What are the stages of sleep that would reduce the function of the brain to the lowest? In a supposed state of rest, why is the brain still functioning?
  • What are the six stages of emotions? What are emotions? Why do we get emotional? What level is the brain stimulated to before a dangerous level of emotion is shown?
  • What exactly make up our emotions? Cognitive theories of emotions began to emerge from the 60s. Various theories have been proposed over the year; however lots of questions still stand unanswered.
  • Psychological narcissism - It has become one of most common personality disorder that affect people. The disorder can be brought on by any phase or factor of life. What are the factors that trigger narcissism? In some cases, such personality disorder leads to the shutdown of the brain, what are the stages of such disorder before it will lead to a shutdown?
  • How various stimulants or psychoactive drugs affect the brain? The use of various stimulants or psychoactive drugs has become common in the world today. Research on some most commonly used stimulants affect the brain, both negatively and positively. What is the difference between some of this stimulant and hard drugs?

There are several questions that have gone on for years unanswered. This has in turn left room for various awesome discussions and interesting research.

The list of some interesting topics listed above could help serve as an inspiration and could also help reduce your workload. Wish you all the best with your paper.