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How To Write A Research Paper Proposal – Useful Advice

Before beginning to start searching for a topic you have to create a research proposal that can let your authority to know that you want to write a dissertation. The proposal is an important part for writing because it not only represents your plans but an in-depth account of your theories and methods. To start writing a proposal is a precursor to a dissertation.

The first thing you have to do is to analyse some work that comes your way through internet, magazines, books and much more. When you are going to write proposal you have to write in a way that must contain review of various books and others that support your hypothesis or thesis that it proposes to prove.

Some useful tips to write the proposal correctly

In a proposal, to provide a good understanding you have to discuss the topic that you want to approach with the supervisor. You must try to think in a way that your paper can make an impact. When you are going to write a proposal make sure you pick the topic that you are familiar with so that you will be able to write on them easily. It is true that writing a proposal is not easy depending on the area of study it differs in terms of methodologies, graphs, charts and much more. One should remember that the proposal should be clear and concise you can check out various samples online to get help.

Some examples to write proposal

  • Introduction: Should provide the basic framework of your proposal. Whether your research is quantitative or qualitative and brief background information should be there in this part.
  • Problem statement: The problem, analytical approach and why you are doing the work should be described.
  • Object of study: What is the purpose behind your work? What is the hypothesis that needs to be tested? Etc are few questions that need to be answered. Moreover, a detailed discussion on what you are using quantitative or qualitative approach should be described.
  • Review of literature: Any other known project on the topic and a strategy is provided in this part.
  • Hypothesis: Any theories are there to support your hypothesis here you have to disclose your hypothesis.
  • Methodology: The methods and test, etc that you will use to prove your hypothesis should be mentioned here.
  • Limitations: If any limitation is there you have to raise it.
  • Importance: Describe your audience why your work is important.
  • Citation: Describe all the list of citation in MLA or APA format.