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How to Write a Problem Statement for a Research Paper: 6 Helpful Guidelines

A problem statement is the part of the thesis that deals with stating the current conditions regarding the variables of the study being conducted. It generally refers to the issue presented by the writer himself. Usually, in a problem statement, the readers ought to read about what the current state of affairs is.

How do the variables involved relate to the situation? What can the reporter recommend for solutions? These are just some of the questions that you would need to answer as briefly as possible in the problem statement. This being said, here are six steps for you to percent your problem statement in a much more formal manner when you are writing your own term paper.

Present What Should Have Been

Initially, you ought to be using the first part of your report to present an ideal picture of the situation. What should have happened within the confines of the existing parameters? How should a situation play out ideally? For example, you can write your introduction in such a way that it would describe what the variables were like before you came into the picture? Their physical appearance? Their emotional state? Their spiritual well-being? These are just some of the factors that you need to discuss at the beginning of your statement.

Depict What Is

After you have presented an ideal view of the situation, you can now proceed to describe the current state of affairs. How are the people in your subject neighborhood? What is the main problem that they're facing today? What is the problem that you would want to explore during the course of your study? These are just some of the questions that the need to answer in the second part of your problem statement.

Describe the Costs of the Problem

As a third step in creating your problem statement, you should be able to explain the financial costs of your proposed problem. This will go to show how much having this problem in the community really costs in terms of monetary compensation. For example, if the problem is not having enough school supplies for the children, how much would it cost the community to not have those all-important school supplies?

Introduce Supporting Documents

The next step would be to prove your current claims. For example, if you claim that not having enough school supplies in the community would greatly affect the emotional and mental stability of the children, you should be ready to support your claims way of physical documentation or numerical charts. You should be able to introduce these supporting documents early in the dissertation.

Write About Your Recommendations

In addition to this, and you should be able to present a solution. In a few short words, you should be able to give suggestions as to how you can handle the problem through the study.

Summarize and Explain the Benefits of Your Study

Lastly, you should be able to summarize the problem and solution by explaining the benefits of the whole research. What is the point of your study in the first place? How do you propose to get to your recommended solutions? This way, you will be able to create a comprehensive problem statement for your essay in the future.