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22 Examples Of Unique Microeconomics Term Paper Topics

For an economics student, writing a good term paper will depend on a lot of things. One of the key areas where you get to fail or succeed is choosing a good term paper topic. With a good one, you will be able to do a lot of good on your paper than if you had a bad topic to choose from. Because of this reason, the following are some simple ideas that you can use to help you get a good paper done:

  1. Discuss the supply and demand effect on prices in the oil market worldwide
  2. Explain how the food industry is affected by the recession
  3. Discuss some of the changes that the economy goes through as the seasons turn
  4. Explain the different types of market structures
  5. Discuss how the labor market is affected by supply and demand
  6. Discuss the effect of the labor unions on the labor market
  7. Explain how pricing is affected by consumer purchase decisions
  8. Discuss the importance of advertising in the decisions that consumers make when paying for a product
  9. Explain some of the challenges that small companies face when competing with the larger companies
  10. Discuss how creativity can help a company overcome the challenges of the recession
  11. Explain how advertising failures can lead to the demise of a company
  12. Discuss some of the benefits and disadvantages of starting your own company in the markets today
  13. Explain the relationship between taxes and healthcare costs
  14. Discuss the startup, success and product process that make corporations like Rockefeller different from others in the market
  15. Explain how deals like Black Thursday affect the economy
  16. Discuss some relevant marketing trends with respect to pricing in the current economy
  17. Explain how small businesses can rise up to become market leaders in a niche of your choice
  18. Discuss the prospect of social media, with an emphasis on companies that have crushed due to their inability to cope
  19. Explain the role that social media has to play with an emphasis on successful companies
  20. Cite some challenges that countries at war face in their economies
  21. Discuss the role that economic sanctions have to play in the economies affected
  22. The Bank of Japan introduced a negative interest rate. Discuss how this is effective