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10 Interesting Ideas For Your Research Paper On Religion

A research paper can be an interesting task, though many students think differently. However, if you are doing research that is dedicated to delicate topics like religion, you need to be very careful and accurate.

The Topic Issues

In fact, the choice of a topic is one of the most important stages of writing such a paper. The choice of a topic can influence everything, starting with the area of researching and ending with the mood that will accompany you in the course of writing.

Yet, choosing a topic for a project that is dedicated to religion should be twice as careful. If you are going to choose a topic from a list provided by your teacher, you should choose simply the one that seems to be the most interesting to you. In case you are searching for a topic idea on your own, you should be very careful in order not to pick out something offensive, incorrect, or intolerant.

The same relates to the body of your paper. If you do religious research, you need to avoid giving any personal evaluation to anything that is connected with other people’s sacred beliefs and feelings. Regardless of your personal opinion, you must be impartial and render only the facts that are supported by reliable arguments from reference sources. You should never reproduce rumors, widely spread but incorrect opinions, etc. Instead, you will look like a true professional if you stay as neutral as possible, even discussing the most acute problems.

Where to Search for Topic Ideas

If you are going to search for topic ideas on your own, make sure that you use only the most reliable sources. These are libraries of colleges and universities, reliable websites of professional writers, or writing labs. Don’t use topic generators or online databases that can contain just everything.

Below, you will find 10 interesting topic ideas that can be useful for your own paper.

  1. How do different world religions treat abortions and birth control?
  2. Why do new religions like Mormonism appear?
  3. Is there anything in common between official religions and tyrannical, totalitarian cults?
  4. Has the way certain religions treat women changed within the recent century?
  5. What are the reasons why in many official religions women are not allowed to be priests?
  6. Determine the characteristic features that prove the fact that many official religious holidays have originated from ancient pagan celebrations.
  7. Compare the different “after-death” beliefs that exist in the biggest official religions.
  8. Are the branches of the Christian faith like Lutheranism, Protestantism, etc., principally different from each other?
  9. Name the differences between the Gnostic faith and the Christianity of today.
  10. What are the “end of the world” beliefs in different religions?