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Research Paper Topics On Prison: 10 Suggestions For College Students

One of the major assignments that you will have to write in school is a research paper. When you are writing a research paper, you will come up with a general topic to write about. Then you will read up on it until you can come up with a research question to write about. This will be a question that you will try to answer through your readings.

The topic that you choose to write about is important. You will spend a lot of time reading about the topic and if you enjoy it then it will be a lot easier. That is why you always want to make sure that you are interested in the topic before you get started.

Once you have your topic, you will then work to develop an outline. If you are struggling to develop a strong outline, go to your second choice. Develop an outline for that one. If it is strong, then you have found your topic. Here are a few suggestions that will help you decide on what topic you want to write your research paper on in regards to prison.

  1. Arson and fires
  2. Conduct a study on the rate of fires and arson in the justice centers and jails across the country. Determine what factors can lead to these breakouts.

  3. Drug violence
  4. Drugs are a huge problem on the streets and in the jail system.

  5. Alcohol problems in prison
  6. Study ways that alcohol is getting into the prisons and what can be done about it.

  7. Prison gangs
  8. Conduct a study on a certain prison gang.

  9. Extortion
  10. Conduct a study on how extortion is handled inside the prison.

  11. Training correctional officers
  12. Learn about the correctional officers and what they are trained to do.

  13. Child molesters in prison
  14. Conduct a study on what happens to child molesters in prison.

  15. Study programs
  16. What study programs are inmates offered in prison?

  17. Health care
  18. Conduct a study on the health care system in prison and how it is helpful to inmates.

  19. Reform programs
  20. Conduct research on the various reform programs that are offered in prisons throughout the country.

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