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Creative Ideas For Writing A Network Security Research Paper

Network security is a popular topic online because if you don’t have the proper network security, you put your personal information and computer at risk. There are tons of different network security software out there but what are some of the issues that most IT people have to deal with every day. This list will give you some of the topics that are interesting to cover.

16 Interesting Network Security Topics

  • Should there be retaliation after a cyber attack?
  • In recent years, cybercriminals are starting to target point of sales devices that are used in stores to steal people’s identity and card information. What is being done to stop this kind of crime?
  • How can you stay safe when you are downloading apps from Google Play and the App store? There have been cases of apps being released that have the malicious software but how do you know which ones are safe?
  • What is the United States doing about cyber attacks and is there a plan in play that will protect everyone from these attacks?
  • What is the most popular network security that most people use and why?
  • Besides having a network security on your computer, how can you protect yourself from attacks?
  • Enterprise data protection, examples, prevention of data loss, disk encryption, file encryption.
  • Application and platform security, examples, operating systems security, application attacks, email protection.
  • Enterprise identity and access management, examples, user authentication services and identity management.
  • Government IT security
  • Information security threats, such as malware, hacker tools, web threats, security awareness training.
  • Security careers, certifications, and training
  • Security audit, standards, and compliance, HIPAA, ISO 17799, GLBA, COBIT, Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
  • Security for the channels
  • Enterprise network security, software, tools, products, IDS, wireless security, NAC, endpoint security, VPN setup.
  • Information security management, market trends and predictions, risk management, disaster recovery, vendor management.

Some of these topics are general while other are more specific on the subjects you can cover on network security, and the examples of the topics you can cover in the general topics should point you in the right direction to find the right topic for your research paper. Anyway, they will give you a good start on your research paper because you will be able to look at all of the information on each topic when you start to search online and pick an interesting topic that you will enjoy writing because it will make the paper fun.