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How To Organize Quotes In A Research Paper: A Formatting Guide

From time immemorial, there have been quotes for virtually everything. From astronomy to zoology to life, there are more than enough of these to address every single subject matter. So what happens when you are to use them in academic work? This piece is a formatting guide on how to organize quotes in a research paper.

  • Understand the writing style: There are various writing styles in use today in different institutions of learning. Some of these are MLA, APA, Harvard, and others. Each of these writing styles has its own specific and peculiar guidelines that outline how to do everything. Each writing style has its own formatting styles, and this surely includes the organization of quotes.
  • Use relevant ones: One thing you need to know when you are organizing your quotes is that not all of them are relevant. Make sure that you check how fitting it is to the topic at hand and see the overall picture and make sure it looks good.
  • Do not overdo it: Apply them only sparingly and do not miss the main substance or essence of writing by putting them on every line. That will make the whole work look very clumsy, and you are well aware of the fact that teachers are not fond of giving good scores to untidy writings.
  • Avoid plagiarism totally: In the academic world, the greatest crime that anyone can commit is to plagiarize. Taking the intellectual property that belongs to someone else and claiming it as yours or without giving the due credit is a grievous offense. Whatever you do in your writing, always ensure that the right references and acknowledgments are given to the correct sources. Professors are known for throwing out entire works for plagiarism. That is not to talk even of the penalties that this act can attract depending on the laws of the nation or rules of the academic institution.
  • Check the coherence and flow: Once all is in place, do not just rush to submit. Take time to go through and see if there is any sense of coherence and flow in the entire piece. This crucial step is important in every piece of article or writing, and you should not forget to do the same.

These are tips and hints on how you can solve the issues that are related to the subject in your pursuit of academic excellence.