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Genetics Dissertation Titles: 20 Outstanding Examples

The title that you present for your paper will in most cases go a long way in determining the marks that you will get for the same. You therefore have to be very keen when you are looking for a good topic for your genetics dissertation.

In here we will present you some interesting ideas that you can present and do some studies on, and hopefully they will make your work easier in the long run:

  1. Discuss whether criminal traits can be passed down through generations
  2. Explain the role of Mendel’s law in modern genetics
  3. Discuss the concept of divergent genetics
  4. Explain how the family environment depends on genetic contributions
  5. Explain how important genetics is to autoimmune diseases
  6. Discuss the challenge of studying mice in genetics
  7. Discuss the future of genetics, based on the present and the past
  8. Explain how genetics determines human behavior
  9. Discuss the genetic explanation of homosexuality
  10. Discuss how Down Syndrome is genetically wired
  11. Discuss how genetics determines an individual’s character
  12. Explain how violence is linked to genetics
  13. Discuss the effects that genetics has on training for professional athletes
  14. Explain how genetic engineering will change the future of the world we live in
  15. Discuss albinism, telling apart the societal interpretation from the factual genetic concern
  16. Discuss probability based on genetics and how this affects the reality of the world we live in
  17. From a genetic point of view, discuss how twins can be passed down from one generation to the other
  18. Explain how traits that are dominant in a family can eventually get lost down the generational line
  19. Discuss the transcription, expression and translation of genetic coding
  20. Discuss the important role that genetics has to play in the current world that we live in.

When it comes to writing about genetic issues, you have to appreciate the fact that there are different schools of thought out there. Everyone has their own unique concept that they believe in. Whatever concept that you choose, you have to make sure that it is something you can support.

Papers like these are made or broken based on the kind of research that you put into it. You therefore have your fate in your hands, and it is only you who can assist your teacher in getting you the marks you are after.