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Choosing A Controversial Topic For A Research Paper - Handy Tips

There will be several times when you will want to write your paper on a controversial topic for your research paper. A controversial topic is one that has both people for it and people against it. Controversial issues have opposing views on the topics. When you are looking for topics that are controversial, here are a few places that you can try.

Websites about controversial issues

Many sites post articles discussing controversial issues. Check one of the lists that include the most controversial issues of the year. The good thing about writing about a controversial issue is that there is ample information on both sides of the issue. That is mostly because there is just as many people that believe in either side of the issue. You will be able to find supporting evidence for your paper no matter what side you want to take on the issue.

Magazines and journals

Many magazines and journals will not only have lists about the most controversial issues, but they will discuss them as well. They may contain controversial topics that you may want to avoid like religion and politics. These are just two subjects that you may not want to get into for a school paper. They can offend your classmates, cause issues, and even make your teacher upset. It is not a good idea, however, if you want to make a statement, use the facts and go right ahead.


Controversy is all around us. Explore a newspaper to find your controversial topics. You can find articles regarding controversial issues all the time in a newspaper. Remember to look for topics where people have different views. You may even be able to see two opposing views written about in the same newspapers. It can talk about how the two sides are pitted against each other.

When you are thinking about topics that are controversial for your paper, the most predominant topic that comes up is likely abortion. When you are looking for topics to write about, think about abortion and it can help you think of topics to write your paper on. There are people who believe that women should have the choice of whether or not they have a baby and there are others that believe that the child should be allowed to live. Think about that grey area. If your topic has some grey area, then you likely have found a controversial issue to write your paper on.