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Picking a Unique Topic for a Research Paper on American History

Undeniably, it is our responsibility to have a deeper understanding of the society we presently live in. Indeed, of all the reasons to explore American history, this one might be the most significant. How can we possibly understand society these days if we are unaware of what actually created it? Essentially, the people as well as the events that molded who we are at present are extremely important.

American history may be complex but in truth it is also a very interesting one. It is not surprising why it is deemed as one of the most preferred topics to write about in a research paper. However, since many events and people were already chosen as subject matters for writing, sometimes, it is quite challenging to pick which one to discuss that can be appreciated by your professors. Of course, you also have to consider a topic that interests you the most, this way, it won’t be a difficult experience or process for you to work on and accomplish prior the due date.

Before working on your task, you’ve got to do some research first. In the same way, you have to fully understand the importance of following the right structure in writing so you can end up with a sensible and very convincing writing project. Of course, it is also imperative to follow the rules in writing and in citing your sources. Luckily, to make your task easier and simpler, you can refer to various sources like university libraries, online sites and other references that can offer you advice and samples of outstanding writing projects which were previously done by professional and skilled writers.

Here are some samples of unique topic for a research paper about American history:

  1. The Civil Rights Movement
  2. How were Holocaust refugees received in America?
  3. Spying in the Civil War
  4. How effective is the American’s government in “war on drugs”?
  5. How did World War I negatively affect civil freedoms?
  6. How did women impact the Wild West?
  7. How did the Great Depression affect American Society?
  8. How did the Embargo Act change the economy of the country?
  9. The Attacks on September 11, 2001
  10. How did women’s suffrage affect America?
  11. The Formation of the Bill of Rights and United States Constitution
  12. Why did Pearl Harbor get bombed?
  13. Why was the Open Door Policy very valuable for America?
  14. How did the Industrial Revolution change America?
  15. Why did Native Americans revolt against colonists?