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How to Ace Your Research Paper in Development Economics

Studying economic aspects of the development processes in third-world countries is interesting. However, if you have to compose a research paper in development economics, everything becomes more complicated because it takes some skills and knowledge to compose a winning assignment. So, study some suggestions on how to ace your paper and get a high grade before you start working on your project.

How to Write a Winning Research Paper

To ace your assignment in development economics, you need to follow these simple suggestions:

  1. Narrow your topic.
  2. Development economics is a broad field of study, so you need to come up with a narrow topic that you consider interesting. It’s recommended to check if you have enough sources to reveal the topic before you start writing your work.

  3. Select reliable materials.
  4. You should find reliable materials in the school’s library, pick the newest statistics provided by international organizations, and look through published expert reviews about economic development in the country of your interest.

  5. Develop a strong thesis idea.
  6. The main idea behind your topic should be an argument that you are going to prove in your research paper. You should not try to make it perfect as this can be clarified later as you do your research.

  7. Outline your thoughts.
  8. Writing an outline helps you divide your paper into smaller parts so that you can focus your work. This document allows you to organize key ideas and evidence in a proper manner; you will also remember to include all the necessary elements in your final draft.

  9. Polish your text.
  10. Revising, editing, and proofreading are vital steps to complete if you want to get a high grade. You can either do everything by yourself or ask your friend for some assistance, as he or she will find mistakes easier.

How to Improve Your Grade in Development Economics

If you want to improve your class performance, you should learn the key economic theories, find out the latest developments in the field, and master your math skills. The aforementioned will also make a research paper writing process a lot easier for you.

So, before you start writing your draft, visit the economics section in the school’s library, grab a few books, and study economic history and practice in developing countries. Then, watch the relevant news, read a reputable economic journal, and find the latest statistics. Another important thing is that you should ask for assistance when needed, so feel free to use the office hours of your professor to consult about your project.