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A Collection Of Interesting Cold War Research Paper Ideas

Writing a Cold War research paper on a topic you choose can be interesting, as long as you can find an angle to write your paper from. Some students don’t like writing about wars, so you could focus on other aspects such as any protests or oppositions that effect relations among citizens. The following details give further insight on how get ideas for your project.

Finding a Good Topic for Your Research Paper

It can be a little challenging writing about something as complex as the Cold War. This is because there are so many ways to view this subject. You can read books, view videos, and even talk to someone who has fought or participated in this war. The topic may come to you as an organic idea (something you have made on your own), or it may be through conversation with a colleague or instructor. Be sure to follow guidelines for the project

Using Examples for Ideas

There are research paper databases offering a great amount of example papers by other students. These papers can offer quick insight on what you could write about regarding the Cold War. This is a common subject people write about, so this means you will find it challenging to find something that is different or unique. There are also professional writing services for this form of academic writing offer the option of working with an academic writer to produce an example from scratch.

List of Cold War Writing Ideas

Writing a research paper on the Cold War will likely involve brainstorming. You can use a list of ideas such as those below to help start the process. Keep in mind you are free to choose your own idea to start the creative process. The following are just general ideas of what you could write about.

  1. Who is to blame for the Cold War?
  2. What role did the United States play?
  3. What was included in the total cost of the war?
  4. Why is communism so significant during the Cold War?
  5. What was the USSR and its role in the war?
  6. What was the Iron Curtain and why did it effect European relations?
  7. What were important details in the Truman Doctrine?
  8. What were important alliances formed during the war?
  9. What secret missions and espionage was carried out and by whom?
  10. What happened when the Cold War expanded into Asia?