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Choosing An Easy Topic For A Research Paper: Things To Consider

Before you get started with writing the first draft of your research paper you need to select a good topic to explore in-depth. The most experienced academic writers agree that one of the most important components of a great topic is that it is original and interesting. However, some students sometimes draw blanks when it comes to making a selection that they bring about tons of unwanted stress. Here are few things to consider when choosing an easy topic for a research paper assignment:

  • Choose something general
  • The first step in choosing an easy topic is to simply create a few statements of something general. For instance, if you are writing about the subject of space you may want to write down something like “universe” or “Milky Way” to give you a starting point to base your study on. Take your best idea and do a little background reading to help you narrow your focus.

  • Move towards a specific focus
  • As you do more background reading you should be able to start zeroing in a more focused emphasis for your work. For instance, using the same example from above you can narrow your focus to “mass” or “size” of the Milky Way galaxy. Even now the idea is a too broad to base your study on, but you can see how it’s much easier to work on the more narrow and focused the topic becomes.

  • Consider writing a response
  • Another great way of coming up with a good topic is to consider writing a response or furthering academic work on something that already exists. Remember that academic learning builds upon previous work, so it’s okay to choose your topic by simply taking a previously written document and working to further its scope.

  • Look at your syllabus or readings
  • If you are still having trouble coming up with ideas you might want to consider looking at your syllabus and both required and recommended readings and simply picking out areas that interest you. It’s okay to choose something that hasn’t yet been covered in class, but just think about how easy you can make the project if you incorporate some of the issues discussed in class and use those notes for your work.

  • Do the above steps several times
  • Finally, be sure to try each of these or a combination there of several times to get a good list started. The more options you have the easier it can be to choose something that won’t be to overwhelming. Remember that there is no need to make the assignment more difficult than it has to be. You won’t necessarily be rewarded with a better grade, so just go with what you can handle.