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Top 30 Interesting Nursing Research Paper Topics To Write About

Whilst most students who are studying nursing will rarely have to write a research paper - as many nursing courses will often be more practical in their requirements - there might still be occasions where you have to think of good topics for a research paper, as well as various other academic essays, if you are studying nursing. Therefore, to help you think of good research paper topics to use for your nursing essay, you may wish to consider looking at some of the topics that have been suggested below.

  1. An in-depth study of how much newly qualified nurses earn in different countries around the world
  2. Different bandaging techniques used by nurses to dress wounds
  3. The essentials of administering an injection to a patient
  4. How many hours can a nurse expect to work per week?
  5. Compare and contrast nurses in public and private healthcare systems
  6. Do nurses need to attend university in order to learn what they do?
  7. A typical day in the life of a nurse
  8. A look back at nursing in the early 20th century
  9. Do nurses earn enough money?
  10. What dangers do nurses face in the workplace?
  11. A comparison of nursing theory and nursing process
  12. How long does it take to learn to be a nurse?
  13. The job hierarchy in the nursing profession
  14. Outside of hospitals, when can nurses work?
  15. What proportion of nurses suffer from stress or fatigue?
  16. What impact does fatigue have on the efficiency and quality of care provided by nurses?
  17. A comparison of the job roles of nurses in the United States and the United Kingdom
  18. A guide to specialist nursing careers
  19. A selection of topics and duties relating to the nursing profession that patients are unaware that nurses have to perform
  20. The role of nurses in midwifery
  21. A comparison of qualifications and standards of nurses from around the world
  22. What is deemed to be adequate levels of patient care by nurses in the profession?
  23. How do nurses and doctors work together?
  24. An analysis of how the nursing profession has changed over the past half a century
  25. An analysis of the nationality of different nurses in the healthcare system
  26. What do nurses need to know in order to prescribe medications?
  27. An outline of the nursing profession in the United States
  28. What challenges do nurses face on a daily basis?
  29. What role do nurses play in the event of a dangerous and contagious epidemic?
  30. How can nurses help in the event of a major disaster?