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Unique Approach For Creating A Research Paper On Hamlet Tragedy

The hamlet tragedy may be one of the most famous incidents that was ever experienced in theater. For this reason, many literature enthusiasts, as well as academics, continuously research the play to find new ways of approaching and understanding the plot. As a result, finding an original idea to approach the topic may prove quite difficult.

When conducting research, the general idea is usually to find out more about an unknown subject, or to explore a known topic from a different angle. There are many ways of conducting research, but only a few are accepted by mainstream academia. Be careful to pay close attention to guidelines set by major educational institutions. Consider the following suggestions to help you create a unique approach for composing a research paper, about the Hamlet tragedy:

  1. Relate the story to modern day incidents
  2. Finding ways of translating this story, into the modern day equivalent of these events can prove very interesting. Aside from being entertaining, this depiction can help people better understand the situation by creating characters we can relate too. It may even be possible to find existing or historical situations that can be applied to the story as well.

  3. Find ways of inserting a good ending into the plot
  4. Instead of the plot having a tragic end, find a way of making the ending a favorable one, to the greater good. This could put a nice twist on a sad story and may even earn you some screen time. An easy way to do this is to flip the role of protagonist and antagonists.

  5. Explore the possibility that hamlet was the antagonist
  6. Many people believe that hamlet was the good guy in the story and this may very well be the way it was intended. With a little imagination, and extended interpretation, it is possible to turn the story around so that Hamlet turns out to be the bad guy.

  7. Show why royalty breeds inferior persons
  8. It is quite easy to focus on the aspect of royalty and inferior intelligence, in fact Shakespeare has never spared them this comparison. There are many instances where you could turn the plot around, to blame the person’s lack of intelligence on their actions.

  9. What if the King, Hamlet’s father, was a good guy?
  10. Addressing this angle could satisfy the desires of the power hungry readers, its worth a shot if you feel you have what it takes.