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Basic Instructions For Creating A Strong Philosophy Research Paper

When you are a student of philosophy, a lot of your final grade depends on how well you write the dissertation essay which is given at the end of the term or it could be given during the term as well.

These philosophy theses need to have strong opinions as well as arguments to support those opinions. There should be clear reasoning as well.

Here are some basic instructions for creating a strong philosophy research essay:

  • You need to know the material and be very familiar with it before you can even consider writing it. You should be able to present reasons why you have taken a viewpoint that you have.
  • Based on your research, you should diagram the argument and write reasons for it, and this should then be connected with the essay and support a relation, and thus, a pictorial representation will not only prove that the idea is clear in your head but it will also prove that you know the subject and have done your homework and more.
  • You should be critical of your homework and find out loop holes and also find out what are the areas where doubts can be raised. When those areas are addressed, there would be a strong support provided for your thesis
  • If you have any objections or have mentioned a reason that does not support the thesis well, you should highlight it with a red arrow.
  • Your arguments should be defended by doing your homework and finding out what are the criticisms that these arguments and objections can raise and based on that you should be able to counter those arguments.
  • One set of objections with one set of counter objections should suffice. You should not have any strong points which are ignored in the criticism of your thesis, else they will immediately be pounced upon by the grader.
  • Based on the diagram, you should present the dissertation. The entire argument should be placed first followed by the objections. It should then be followed by the counters that are presented.
  • Your paper needs to be then written, and you should clearly state the thesis at the beginning on the first page.
  • You also need to show if you are offering reasons, objections or counter objections
  • Finally, the dissertation needs to be illustrated by various freelance analogies and illustrations.

If you simply follow these basic instructions, a strong philosophy research paper is within your grasp! Good luck with it.