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How to Write A Good Body Paragraph for A Research Paper

The body of the research paper can be its most important section. You have started out with a good introduction to arouse curiosity, and you know what your concluding remarks are going to be, but you still have to keep the interest of the reader to get this person to the end. The body paragraph or paragraphs will direct attention from general to very specific text. You make this easy to follow a few simple guides.

  • Write A Good Transition Sentence. When you go from the introduction into the body you are handing the baton so to speak to the next paragraph. A good transition sentence makes the movement both logical and very easy to understand.
  • The Body Paragraphs Must Have Solid Evidence. This is not the place for general speculation. You are trying to add credibility to your work, and in the body paragraphs you present evidence and the analysis needed to justify the claim you have made. You are going into detail in this area. Make sure that the evidence presented is substantial and makes perfect sense.
  • Conclude The Paragraph Concisely. The evidence you present in the body is meant to support your original position. This part of the paper is called a warrant. Your reasons are connected to your original claim. Moreover, the warrant indicates a connection of the evidence to that claim and provides additional support.
  • Evidence is either Deductive or Inductive. You will be giving evidence in the body paragraph, and it can come in either of two fashions. Deductive goes from a general point to a given conclusion. It involves major and minor premises and moves to the end. Inductive goes from those facts you have stated to a conclusion.

If you are not familiar with writing long papers, this can all be extremely bewildering and confusing. You have done all the research but you have to be able to put everything in writing what is understandable. Those who are not comfortable with writing will run into some challenges.

There is definitely nothing wrong with seeking some help. If you check this website you will discover some valuable tips to writing this very important part of your research paper. We offer some guidance that you can use to write a very convincing body.

The body is going to connect the introduction to the conclusion. It has to be good or the entire paper is going to look bad. The two suggestions that we have you can easily right kind of body paragraph you need.