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A Brief Introduction To MLA Research Paper Writing

There are many different ways is to introduce a research paper. One of the most common is called the MLA format or style guide and MLA stands for Modern Language Association. Most of the research papers written using the MLA format will be in the field of the arts or humanities. You can find plenty of information about the rules of the MLA format online and will probably or almost certainly be in your school or college library.

For someone who is writing in the MLA format for the first time you may find it a little time consuming and tedious. Once you have written in this format the whole exercise will become simple. Do not make the mistake of not following the rules. Your teacher or professor has set the assignment and requested that you use the MLA research paper writing skills and if you fail to do so you run the risk of failing your assignment.

The basics to get you started

If you have any doubts as to the MLA format then you should refer to the latest addition of the MLA handbook for writers of research papers. There are several editions and you should always go for the latest version.

The layout of your research paper contains a number of basic rules. The size of the white paper you will use to type upon plus the fact that you must double space the text and use a particular font. The font must show a distinction between regular text and that of italics. Times New Roman is a recommended font. The size of the font must be 12 point.

In your writing, after a punctuation mark, use only one space. The margins on your MLA formatted document will be 1 inch on all sides. You indent the first line of all paragraphs to the distance of half an inch and you do that by using the tab key.

You place page numbers in the upper right-hand corner and flush with the margin on the right

These are the main and basic requirements of an MLA research paper writing format. There are others and you can discover them by reading the MLA handbook. Remember that your teacher or professor reserves the right to make specific alterations to the requirements and you should always check with him or her before you undertake your writing task.