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Preparing A Medical Research Paper Presentation In 2 Hours

If you have got less time in your hands and there are a lot of things that you would like to address in a short while, there are a few things that you will have to take care of. Additionally, let us assume a situation where you have to complete a medical paper presentation in the next two hours. How exactly should you go about it? And should be the mode of preparation? We tell you all.

Divide the time into four halves

Make equal halves of 30 minutes each. Plan a minute of break between each half. So all you need is to start five minutes before you would actually want to. Once that is done, follow the steps given below to know what you need to do in each of these frames.

Phase 1: Collect information

Spend the entire time from the first 30 minutes in collecting information. You will know that there are several issues that need to be addressed in this time and it is best to start with some dedication upfront. Do the following in this time:

  • Take random notes
  • Save bookmarks
  • Gather resourceful books and blogs
  • Call your peers for additional information

Phase 2: Form an outline

Once the resource and information gathering parts have been executed well, you should look to form an outline on which you will base the paper. The outline of the resource is to be made through careful sifting and selection of the information that you have gathered already.

Arrange the point in logical and sequential progression for the best deductive effect.

Phase 3: Write the presentation

In these thirty minutes, you should not do any additional research on the presentation. You have already done that in the first 30 minutes and in the next half you also have a few pointers to take care of in the outline.

Spend this frame to write the presentation as part of the outline expansion. Just follow the outline logically and leave the conclusion for the last half an hour.

Phase 4: Conclusion and revision

In these 30 minutes, all you need to do is to read through the presentation you have written. Iron out any inconsistencies in research and facts. Make sure there are no grammatical or formative errors when you read through.

In the last ten minutes, write the conclusion of the paper. Since you have just tread the paper, you will find this smooth enough.